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    Due to the information, To begin to revisit school to CW Post, LIU, that fall ’92. I took some classes in Art, music, dance and psychology, only to attain I could incorporate them and become a Creative Arts Therapist. During this period I also began my treatment through amazing art therapist, who I discussed in the first manual. During this time, I began uncovering it is of myself that Initially realize are there. I was a talented artist, writer, and dancer. I also realized I’d the possibility to become a proficient therapist at some point.

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    R.K. Narayan: One of your Founding Fathers of the Indo-Anglian Fiction-R.K. Narayan, one of the founding fathers of this Indo-Anglian fiction, is a story-teller par-excellence. His narrative art is his own and likewise includes been highly praised by the distinguished scholars. Anthony West calls him “a first-rate story teller”; Henry Miller says which he is “a born story-teller”. His narrative skill makes him so well received that and successful in India and abroad.

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